Dear Sun Spots: As the holiday season draws near, it is time to think of the people facing problems who won’t be able to provide a warm holiday season for their families.

The Cottrell-Taylor Christmas Basket Committee is accepting donations for needy families in Monmouth. Donations may be money, toys, hats, mittens, canned goods and vegetables. We are not accepting used clothing. Following are the items we can use for teenagers: books, jewelry, perfume, toilet articles, games, compact disks, stationery and school supplies. Money donations may be mailed directly to Charlene Cunliffe, 292 Academy Road, Monmouth, ME 04259, or Henry L. Cottrell School, 169 Academy Road, Monmouth, ME 04259. Other donations may be left at the school office.

If possible, the committee would like contributions on or before Dec. 1. – Cottrell-Taylor Christmas Basket Committee, Monmouth.

Dear Sun Spots: We would like to send out a very special “thank you” to the Androscoggin County community. Several weeks ago, we had an item in Sun Spots, requesting a few people to help us with a sewing project. The tremendous amount of calls was staggering. It reminds us all of what it means to give from your heart. Thank you all so much! – The Special Delivery Unit at CMMC, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: About one year ago, I wrote to you and your readers, on behalf of my mother and myself, requesting any unused yarn that we could make into afghans. What an overwhelming and kind response from your readers. We not only got plenty of yarn, but we met many wonderful people. We tried to thank all, but for anyone who missed out on our thanks we gratefully send it to you now. We want your readers to know that many afghans were made and sent to multiple places of need, both in the United States and foreign countries. We enjoyed crocheting with all the colorful yarns, never knowing how each came out so bright and unusual. My talented mother made two to my every one. I do believe all these gifts of yarn made available to us, kept us happily busy and health, especially through the long winter months. Now, all that being said, we again are requesting more yarn to continue our endeavors. Our supply of yarn is almost gone and we have few colors to work with. So, if your generous readers feel stirred in their hearts to donate yarn to make a lot of people warm and happy, we would be every so grateful. We can be reached at 782-8868 or Gerry Profenno and Rita Lovejoy at 54 Irwin St., Lewiston, ME 04240. May God’s blessings be upon you all. – No Name, Lewiston.

Dear Sun Spots: Thank you for the answer about butternuts. I really will try out how to get their meat out of their shells.

I vaguely remember something that might interest you too. When I first came here, I picked up a simple cord of stiffened rope at a church sale. There were three buttons sewn on. These buttons were made from the butternut, cut crosswise. They were then polished and varnished but I have lost them since I moved several times. I guess the maker of them must have used a vice to hold them and a saw to cut the slices. Would that not be a nice craft for some retired mom or a young boy and then sell these buttons to be used on handknit sweaters? Going back to nature and create something pretty and useful too. – Heidi Weber, Dryden.

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