In an attempt to create a faster and easier lunch time rush, the school administrators have made it so each student has an account for themselves.

Many believe that this was an unnecessary addition and that it only creates longer lines in the cafeteria and creates pandemonium. “I don’t even bother with the lunch account anymore, I tried it the first day and it took too long so now I pack my own lunch every morning,” said The Buzz staff writer Cameron Angell.

With the new addition of a line where only students with money on their account can go, it should create a much faster and easier lunch line. But with all of the new additions to the lunch line, will it only create a much unneeded nuisance. Although the students and lunch staff are becoming much faster with inputting the information, the fact is, the lines are still long and slow.

Most of the United States population has a pin number for there credit card or there debit card and this number is very important to remember. By giving each student a pin number it starts each student down the right path to help them learn this important monitory lesson.

Many believe that schools are not preparing students for the real world, but with the addition of the new lunch codes, they are.

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