AUBURN – The following building permits were issued for the month of October.

Gary Simard, 157 Cook St., construct lean-to on garage, $1,000.

Jimmy and Carol Pleau, 235 Broad St., construct addition and deck with ramp for handicapped accessibility, $28,000.

Nathan and Angie Merrill, 21 Kilsyth St., demolish fire-damaged house, $12,500.

Dale Gagnon, 70 East Bates St., replace rear breezeway porch, $2,000.

Michael Philbrook, Dexter Ave., construct deck to rear of structure, $3,000.

Clyde Keene, 32 Bradman St., construct two 8- by 35-foot decks to structure, $3,500.

Edward Hodgkin, 60 Cove Road, demolition of 20 by 40-foot structure, $4,000.

June Merrill, 1838 Minot Ave., construct front deck and handicap ramp, $3,000.

Scott and Debbie Ames, 53 West Dartmouth St., finish bedroom in basement and provide egress, $5,000.

Edward and Berniece Hodgkin, 62 Cove Road, construct frost wall under cottage, $30,000.

Edward and Berniece Hodgkin, 66 Cove Road, construct 32- by 44-foot ranch single-family home to replace a 20- by 40-foot one, $290,000.

William Godin, 1743 Minot Ave., construct 12- by 28-foot carport onto garage, $1,500.

Mike and Karen Labbe, 53 Hazelhurst St., amendment to original building permit 448975, $8,000.

Ralph Adams, 785 Court St., construct 10- by 14-foot utility shed, $4,000.

Tim Millett/JT Millett, LLC, 25 Snow Ave., move and install 24- by 76-foot modular home, $75,000.

Freeway Investments, 971 Washington Ave., support existing load bearing wall, $300.

Tina Aston, 703 Washington St. N, after-the-fact permit to convert garage to living space, $550.

Tina Aston, 703 Washington St. N, after-the-fact permit for foundation under porch, $800.

Thomas Hyndman, 22 Glendale Ave., construct new foundation under part, remodel first floor and add second floor, $45,000.

Ken Sonagere, 100 Cherry Vale Circle, install 28- by 50-foot modular home as proposed by plan, $100,000.

Jeanene D’Avignon, 56 Highland Ave., construct stairway and second story exterior hallway, $18,000.

Robert and Tammie Grieshaber, 100 Stony Ridge Road, construct 12- by 21-foot deck, $1,500.

Colonial Ridge LLC, 56 Harvest Hill Lane, construct condo unit as per plan issued after the fact, $180,000.

Harold Brooks, 2043 Riverside Drive, construct 24- by 36-foot concrete foundation for single-family residence, $7,000.

Roland Chabot, 949 Minot Ave., construct 18- by 15-foot addition to residence, $10,000.

Harold Brooks, 2043 Riverside Drive, transport residence to new location, $22,000.

Robert and Constance Gagnon, 160 Stone Road, construct 25- by 24-foot garage, $5,000.

Kenneth D. Thurston, 63 Winter St., create third dwelling unit in barn, $20,000.

Sandra Keene, 10 Fairview Court, replace two 6- by 4-foot decks, $1,500.

Cynthia Chessey, 2550 Hotel Road, replace steps and landings, $1,000.

City of Auburn, 277 Main St., phase 1A life safety upgrades, $400,000.

Western Maine Transportation Services, 76 Merrow Road, placing steel connex box for storage, $3,000.

Bed, Bath and Beyond, 730 Center St., tenant interior alterations, $1,200,000.

First Universalist Church of Auburn, 159 Pleasant St., construct partition to separate two means of egress, $1,000.

William Turner, 130 Broad St., replace fire escape, $200.

Great Falls Federal Credit Union, 764 Minot Ave., construct new trussed pitched roof over flat roof, $69,000.

Godspeed LLC, 1400 Hotel Road, renovations to exterior front of space only, $15,000.

John Paquette/Leif Nickerson, 34 Court St., rebuild bathroom walls, $2,000.

Androscoggin Savings Bank, 649 Turner St., Ste. 1B, construct new bank, $800,000.

Chun Wu, 782 Minot Ave., construct counter area and half wall, $2,000.

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