LEWISTON – Champions have been crowned in the Lewiston Fall Tennis League.

In the Men’s A Division, the top two players in each division crossed over and played the other side. In A-1, it was (1) Ron Chicoine and (2) Tim Lacombe, taking on A-2, (1) Andy Marsh and (2) Steve Norcross. In the semifinals, Chicoine defeated Norcross, and Lacombe knocked off Marsh. Chicoine beat Lacombe for the championship.

Following are champions and runners-up in the other divisions:

Men’s B Division: 1. Bob Thornton; 2. Mike Emmert. Men’s C Division: 1. Todd Brisson; 2. Chris Morin. Women’s A: 1. Christianne Villedrouin vs Elaine Dube (yet to be determined). Women’s B: 1. Emilie Cloutier; 2. Frankie Lally. Women’s C: 1. Tammy Gilbert; 2. Lisa Lally. Mixed Doubles A: 1. Sylvia Leblanc-Ron Baril; 2. Katelyn Ouellette-Tim Lacombe. Mixed Doubles B: 1. Gayle Nyberg-Gary Williams; 2. Claudeen and Claude Bergeron.

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