DIXFIELD – The Dixfield Police Department and the Dixfield Economic Council recently co-sponsored a meeting of local business owners and managers to discuss security for their businesses.

Along with members of the economic council and the police department, several businesses were represented. Chief Richard Pickett, Sgt. Mark Dow, Patrolmen Jeff Howe and Dave Hodgson represented the police force and made the presentation.

The use of deadbolts on all doors and securing of outside items around the building were recommended. Many other suggestions were given and a question-and-answer session was held.

Businesses were advised to call the police department whenever they have a question, a concern or have noticed anything that seems unusual. Pickett said there is an officer on duty 24/7 and any of them would respond to a call. Calls reporting concerns that may seem insignificant or “not worth bothering anyone for” may turn out to be helpful in detecting trends or connecting with other evidence, Pickett said.

The department is in the process of compiling information about each business that will be on file to help officers be more prepared in the event of an emergency. There will probably be a follow-up meeting in March as well as an opportunity for businesses to arrange training for their employees concerning what to do in an emergency.

In the meantime, if there are questions or if a business wants to be included on a mailing list, they may contact the Police Department at 562-4517 and leave a message or call Norine Clarke at 562-8816 (daytimes) Tuesday through Saturday.

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