Dear Sun Spots: I’d really appreciate your help. On Saturday, Nov. 25, a cat I now believe was mine was hit by a car and killed in front of 20 High St. in Lisbon Falls. She had somehow managed to escape from the house while I was away. I learned that someone unknown to me had said he’d take her away. Despite my going door-to-door, no one knows who that helpful person was. She was not picked up by either the police or public works. It is important to me to bring her back home for cremation if that is possible, but I’d at least like to know where she is and thank the person who helped out. I can be reached at 353-4603 or at [email protected] Thank you very much for your help. – Prudence Grant, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Hello, my friends in Sun Spots land. I am looking for two patterns, knit boot slippers, adults, also a crochet cathedral window afghan pattern. I had both of these but they have been misplaced in my moving around. Thanks in advance. I can be reached at 1103 Saint Michel Way, Kissimmee, FL 34759-7012. – Irene Quimby, Florida.

Sun Spots located the following pattern online at

Slipper boots materials: 10 or 10½ knitting needles (adult) (see notes below for child size), 4 ounces of 4-ply acrylic yarn. Pattern: Use double strand. Cast on 60 sts. Work even for 10 rows.

Row 11: Knit 30 sts., place marker, knit remaining 30 sts

Row 12: Purl to within 3 sts. of marker, purl 2 tog., knit 1, move marker, knit 1, purl 2 tog., purl to end of row.

Row 13: Knit to within 3 sts. of marker, slip 1 st. knit 1, pass slip st. over, knit 1 move marker, knit 1, slip 1, knit 1, pass slip st. over, knit to end of row.

Continue rows 12 and 13, decreasing each row until you have 26 sts. left.

Knit 8 rows even. Bind off very loosely.

Holding right sides together, sew bottom and back together.

Dear Sun Spots: I am writing in the hopes that you may be able to help me. I am a daily reader of your wonderful column.

On Aug. 26 I ordered two fleece jackets from Blair and included two checks totaling $19.99. I have not received them or heard from them. Thank you. – No Name, Farmington.

Sun Spots contacted the company’s customer service department and was advised that they were showing no order for you in their computer records, other than one placed in October and which was on back order. The company apparently sent you a letter advising you of the status of that order. After being transferred to another department, Sun Spots was told you need to contact the company yourself as they do not provide information on another customer. You can talk with anyone at 800-458-6057.

Amanda Comeau, please contact the column regarding your inquiry about the True Santas of the world. Thanks, Sun Spots.

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