Developments Tuesday in the police shooting of an unarmed man in Queens hours before he was to be married:

• Investigators questioned a civilian witness about how officers unleashed a barrage of 50 bullets at the victim’s car. He is one of three civilian witnesses in the case.

• Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with the family of the victims at their church in Queens – a meeting also attended by the Rev. Al Sharpton.

• Bloomberg stood by his earlier comments that he believed the amount of firepower was “excessive.” “That was my personal opinion,” he said. “It may turn out to be that it was not excessive.”

• A Queens Councilman warned Bloomberg about possible unrest over the shooting. James Sanders Jr. said “the temperature on the streets has increased to a large degree. While we are sitting in these meetings, a lot of people are out on the streets.”

• The U.S. Department of Justice said it was monitoring the case.

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