Dear Sun Spots: I have a picture from the late 1920s to the early 1930s showing eight National Guard members in what you might call fatigues. The four in front are named Dumais, and the four standing behind them are my brothers Adrien, Edmond, John and Henry Jalbert. John is the only brother still living. All eight were part of the 103rd Infantry Band based at the Lewiston Armory on Central Avenue. I wonder if Sun Spots could possibly locate a picture showing the same eight men, or the whole band, in dress uniform as they were seen many times at the head of the Armistice Day parade in Lewiston. – Roger Jalbert, Lewiston.

You might consider contacting the Maine National Guard to see if it has anything in archives. You can contact the guard at Camp Keyes in Augusta at 626-4271. According to the Maine National Guard’s brief history on their Web site, the 2nd Maine Infantry unit was reorganized and redesignated around 1917 as the 103rd Infantry Regiment, a name that would remain in the Maine National Guard for another 41 years. As part of the 26th “Yankee Division” from Massachusetts, the 103rd saw action in all of the division’s major engagements in France, including the Aisne-Marne Offensive, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne and the Defensive Sector. The unit was demobilized and returned to state of Maine control in 1919. The site notes that the “colors” of the 103rd can be viewed at the Hall of Flags in the Maine State House.

Dear Sun Spots: Firstly, could you please look into your magic ball and see if there is a store that carries warm slacks for daily health walks? I have looked in many stores and catalogs, this year and last, to no avail. Most slacks seem to be for getting out of the car.

Secondly, I am looking for two old-fashioned shed windows, 4-by-4. They are usually made with small panes in them.

Lastly, does anyone have the directions for a knitted turtleneck dickey and beret? Thanks. I’m getting ready for winter. – No Name, No Town.

There appear to be three good options for staying warm while outdoors in the winter. You can wear long underwear, which now comes in a variety of high-tech fabrics in addition to the traditional cotton and wool. You can wear ski pants or other water- and wind-resistant pants over your own, or you can opt for lined trousers, which come in both dressy and casual styles. A newsroom informant tells me that her husband, who works outside all year round, is quite fond of the flannel-lined trousers sold by LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Sears and others. You might want to check them out online or call the stores first. Another online option is, which carries a great variety of clothing and more and might carry something that suits your needs. For instance they carry some Serac insulated ski pants that appear to work for both skiing and other outdoor activities such as walking.

Lastly, Sun Spots located the following pattern online at

Dickey directions and supplies:

With 16″ circular needles, Cast on 80 sts. Join, making sure not to twist. Place marker.

RNDS 1-6: Knit.

RND 7: Purl.

RNDS 8-14: work K2,P2 ribbing.

RND 15: Purl.

RND 16: Knit 40 sts. Put rem 40 sts on holder (back) TURN; Purl back the 40 sts just knit. Work FRONT in St st for 6 more rows.


(RSF) K2tog, knit across, turn. (WSF) P2tog, purl across. Work these two decrease rows in St st til 16 sts remain.

NEXT ROW: (RSF) K2tog, knit across to last 2 sts, K2tog (14 sts) DO NOT TURN. With circular ndsl, pick up and knit 30 sts along left side of front; knit the first 2 sts from the back 40 sts, INCREASE one st, *knit nxt 2 sts, Inc 1 st. Repeat from * across all back sts (60 sts); pick up and knit 30 sts along right side of front; knit the 14 sts from the straight ndls; (134 sts total); place marker; join at left side and work one rnd in Purl. Then work 6 rnds of K2,P2 ribbing. Cast off LOOSELY in pattern.


On 11″ circular ndls or dpns, Cast on 36 sts. Knit 6 rnds. Purl 1 rnd. Work K2,P2 ribbing for 6″ or desired length. Cast off LOOSELY in pattern.

NOTE: For a quicker Quickie Dickey, omit the K2,P2 ribbing around the neck and just knit all the rounds from RND 1 through RND 14. Then continue pattern same as above. The neck doesn’t stand as high, but looks nice and knits up faster. Try them both.

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