PARIS – The following real estate transfers were closed in Oxford county:

Donna J. Dugas to Tovah I. Everett, in Paris.

Laurie L. Woodhead and Laurie L. Barrett to Laurie L. and Jon W. Woodhead, in Canton.

Stacey M. Collins and Stacey M. Wilson to Daniel L. Jr. and Stacey M. Collins, in Peru.

Bennett Bros. Farms Inc. to Barbara Bennett, in Buckfield.

Barbara S. Robbins to J. H. Holdings LLC. in Paris.

Ramsey Tripp to East Auburn Baptist Church of East Auburn Inc., in Norway.

Anne M. Kuroly to John H. Moore, in Otisfield.

Stephen M. and Aimee E. Harmon to Steven P. Greene and Amy R. Lawrence, in Bethel.

Robert Kilkenny (by attorney) and Linda Kilkenny to Nita J. and Stephen F. Harrington, in Hebron.

Royal River Development Co. and Royal River Development Corp. to Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc., in Newry.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Betsey M. and Einar G. Anderson, in Newry.

Sunday River Land Corp. to Colony Development Co. LLC, in Newry.

Estate of Ethel L. Curtis and Kristen Loring (pr) to Christopher Stearns, in Paris.

Estate of Ethel L. Curtis and Kristen Loring (pr) to JJJ Real Estate Development LLC, in Paris.

John and Heidi Chretien to Holly E. and Benton R. Jr. Coulter, in Newry.

Maine Mountain Properties LLC to Daniel P. Healey III, in Newry.

Dorothy and Dorothy C. Tibbetts to Peter H. and Carol A. Brown, in Paris.

Stephen E. Thorpe to Stephen E. Thorpe Jr., in Oxford.

Karen and Karen M. and Jonathan E. Tibbetts to Dorothy C. Tibbetts, in Oxford.

Gary W. and Lorna L. Howard to Gary and Helena Baril, in Byron.

Charles W. and Charles M. McCabe to Robert G. Hutchinson, in Albany Township.

Michael W. and Mary L. Rowe to Thomas E. and Suzanne E. Rowe, in Hartford.

Pamela Y. and Lloyd A. Williams and Byron H. and Dale Young to Pamela Y. and Lloyd A. Williams, in Norway.

Pamela Y. and Lloyd A. Williams and Byron H. and Dale Young to George and Linda Young, in Norway.

Fernand A. and Elizabeth A. Dumoulin to Fernand A. and Elizabeth A. and Paul Andre Dumoulin, in Rumford.

Aegis Mortgage Corp. to Edward McCaffrey and Marcie L. Conley, in Rumford.

Stephen D. Washburn to Colby R. and Stacy A. Major, in Hebron.

Stacy A. Major and Stacy A. Eaton and Colby R. Major to Jacie F. Leighton, in Hartford.

Catherine P. Hayden (by attorney) to John A. Durland, in Mexico.

Norma E. West to Heather A. Norton, in Oxford.

Elmore M. Jr. and Dorothy B. and Dorothy Vaughn to Mark A. Vaughn, in Peru.

Jeffrey L. Kennison to Jeffrey L. and Michelle L. Kennison, in Sumner.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Patricia L. and Andrew J. Cormier and BNC Mortgage Inc. to U.S. Bank National Association, in Mexico.

Katherine H. Weaver and Katherine V. and David C. Holden to Savage Land Development LLC, in Greenwood.

Ernest Robichaud to John A. Robichaud, in Mexico.

Albert Pinto to Jaime Pinto, in Paris.

Michael R. Hurst to Corey L. Beaulieu, in West Paris/Woodstock.

Katherine T. Costa to Katherine T. Costa and Crawford F. Perry Sr., in Norway.

Michelle Wallace to Christopher M. Jones and Michelle Wallace, in Hartford.

Steven R. and Dorothy J. Hufft to Eric M. Patey (tr) and Patey Boulder Top Nominee Trust, in Newry.

Thomas Knarski and Anne B. Lowery to Robert G. and Georganne M. Bernard, in Norway.

Paul W. Howe to Beth E. and Paul Brainerd, in Norway.

Eastern Slope Properties LLC to Glenn P. and Janice A. Davis, in Norway.

Peter Zinchuk to Edwin E. and Janice L. Thayer, in Oxford.

Edwin E. and Janice L. Thayer to Daniel and April Caron, in Oxford.

Elizabeth A. Coombs and Elizabeth A. Pruett to David E. Langlois and Elizabeth A. Coombs, in Oxford.

Jeanne E. Currier to Lynn B. Curran and Lynn Curran Sargent and Job G. Sargent, in Norway.

Thomas P. and Gail W. Tremblay to Camp L.P., in Waterford.

Michael T. and Susan K. Zonghetti to Susan K. and Michael T. Zonghetti and Susan K. Zonghetti 2006 Family Trust, in Newry.

Archies Inc. to Dwayne E. Vaughn, in Peru.

Estate of Theresa M. Napiorkowski and Krysia Mary Napiorkowski and Patricia Ann Lubbe to Samuel J. Lobozzo, in Oxford.

Richard F. Murch to Garett A. St. Pierre and Lindsay E. Leavitt, in Waterford.

Estate of Frank Rain and Richard K. Dorr to Jennifer E. Plante, in Dixfield/Mexico.

Emily C. and Richard C. Belanger to Jeffrey M. and Jennifer S. Olivier, in Bethel.

Alice Lederhouse to Eric Morrison and Bethany A. Thurlow, in Oxford.

Henry F. and Marcia Kelley Hahn and Marcia A. Kelley and Marcia K. Hahn to Barbara J. Richards, in Newry.

Keybank National Association to Fred and Marcia K. Hahn, in Newry.

Philip G. Blampied to Susan M. Galvin and James J. Quirk, in Rumford.

Erin MacGregor Forbes to Strathglass Holdings LLC, in Rumford.

Peter W. Evans to Strathglass Holdings LLC, in Rumford.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Janet W. Smith (tr) and Smith Family Revocable Trust, in Newry.

Janet W. Smith (tr) and Smith Family Revocable Trust to David A. Miles, in Newry.

Mary Ann Walsh and Mary Ann Leibenguth and Peter T. and Maryann Walsh to Richard B. and Patricia A. Mabrey, in Waterford.

David A. and Philip D. and Sybil L. Miles and Sybil L. Miles Garcia to Douglas P. and Joan F. MacPherson, in Bethel.

Gary H. and Kathy L. Williamson to David W. Lynch, in Bethel.

Albert J. Galarneau to Jimmie P. Thompson, in Roxbury.

Janet T. Bernier and Jeffrey E. Trundy to Shawn M. and Nancy F. Edwards, in Hebron.

Nancy J. Graiver and Nancy J. Emerson to Gary L. and Lori Mason Dean, in Greenwood.

Jeffery N. and Tammy M. Mills to Jason C. Birmingham, in Rumford.

Cheryl Ann Payne (pr) and Cheryl Ann Berube (pr) and estate of Thomas H. Ryan III to Robert M. Gove, in Oxford.

C and G Properties LLC and C and G Construction LLC and Kristina Greenleaf and Lawrence Cloutier to Mary L. Judd, in Sumner.

C and G Construction LLC and C and G Properties LLC to Michael G. Judd, in Sumner.

Michael A. and Ann Arsenault and Mary and Richard Childs and Rose Ann Arsenault and Valerie Theriault and Andrew D. and Ralph and Senneh Arsenault to Rose Ann Arsenault, Andrew D. Arsenault, Valerie Theriault, Ralph and Senneh Arsenault, Michael A. and Ann Arsenault, all in Peru.

Daniel P. and Elizabeth A. Craffey to David P. and Lauren S. Kennedy, in Greenwood.

Ronello Knightly to J. H. Holdings LLC, in Paris.

Frederick W. Dyer Jr. to Frank Kimball, in Norway.

David W. Smith Jr. to Les Bois Carthage Inc., in Andover.

Duane and Darleen Waterman to Tammy L. Macie, in Sumner.

Maurice R. and Gloria L. Lebland to Cynthia M. Terrill, in Dixfield.

Marlene Porter to Roy A. Grimes, in Peru.

Donald A. Munn to Donald A. Munn and Janice Walker, in Waterford.

Walter T. Jr. and Josephine R. Reed to Kyle E. and Patty M. Hunt, in Norway.

Deborah E. Hall and Lorraine Blais to Deborah E. Hall, in Waterford.

Laurier R. and Patricia M. Perron to St. Pio Chapel and Retreat Center, in Sumner.

River View Timeshare Trust (by tr) to Fred III and Nancy L. Calvert, in Bethel.

Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC to PSA Development LLC, in Bethel.

Kim Beth Rotner to Kim Beth Rotner (tr) and Kim Beth Rotner Revocable Trust 2006, in Newry.

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