n Help wanted: We once read somewhere that the name and likeness of myopic toon Mr. Magoo was inspired by TV game-show producer Mark Goodson. There actually is a resemblance between the two, but we have never been able to confirm that Mr. Goodson was the inspiration. If you have any information about this, please let us know.

Today, Hasbro is one of the world’s largest toy companies. Its products run the gamut from Trivial Pursuit to G.I. Joe. When the company was founded in 1923, what were the first products it sold?

Playing cards

B) Bicycles

C) Cloth remnants

D) Cooking utensils

Monday’s answer: Each of the four presidential heads on Mount Rushmore measures 60 feet from bottom of chin to top of head. Proportionally, that works out to full-body lengths of about 450 feet.

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