Dear Sun Spots: I have really appreciated all the research you do in this column. You have helped me with different solutions over the years. Maybe you can help with this. I have a problem with dish towels. I can’t seem to find any that are absorbent. I have tried many different types over the years. Does anyone have an answer? Thanks. – Frances Miller, Lewiston.

Who better to answer your question than a local cleaning service that uses many, many dish towels – Sun Bright Cleaning Services on 28 Deerfield Road in Auburn. According to owner and operator Diane Uwaechia, the most absorbent towel is the white linen bar towel, which she says is very absorbent, durable, and lasts a long time. Uwaechia buys her towels by the five-dozen pack from Goodman Wiper and Paper Co. at 120 Mill St. in Auburn. The retail, walk-in, price for non-account customers is $6.50 per dozen. She adds that the towels are somewhat starchy and stiff when new and should be washed prior to using for best absorbency.

Dear Sun Spots: You had written in your column about an organization that would take used cell phones. I would appreciate it if you would please reprint that information. The information you find and share is a tremendous help to the public. Thank you. – C. Beedy, No Town.

For those of you who have cell phones they no longer are using, the Maine Elks Association could use them to help raise money for the Maine Children’s Cancer Program in Portland. MCCP helps children and their families from all over the state of Maine (and other states) fight cancer. The association sends each cell phone to a company, which in return sends them a check. All the money received goes directly to MCCP. Please send any phones to Melissa Letarte, 721 Farmington Falls Road, New Sharon, ME 04955, or drop them off at any local Elks Lodge.

Dear Sun Spots: I am nearly at my wits end trying to find out the title of the song as heard in the background of the “A Better Life for Children” commercial on Channel 5 WABI TV, Bangor. Any help you may be able to give me regarding this will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for your wonderful column. – No Name, Farmington.

In addition to responses from readers, WABI TV 5 suggests that the next time you see this commercial you note the day and time it played and submit that information to Sun Spots. Knowing the day and time, the station can take a look, and listen, to the commercial you are referring to, with the possibility that someone at the station might be familiar with the background song.

Dear Sun Spots: I saw Brian Wardwell at a recent Portland Pirates game, and I was wondering if he has an upcoming show or any CDs in the works? How would I be able to get in contact with him? Does he perform at private parties? Thanks for any help.- No Name, No Town.

In addition to responses from readers, you can try contacting him via e-mail, through his Web site, at He can also be reached at 90 Sokokis Trail N., Limerick, ME 04043 or by phone at 793-4443 or e-mail [email protected] The site notes that the following CDs are available for purchase: “The Opening Act” at $15 each. There are a limited number of these; “My Family” at $15 or any combination of two CDs (Opening Act or My Family) for $25. You may also purchase the “Wardwell Family Christmas” at $10 each. There is an additional $2.50 charge for shipping and handling and you can submit your check and order to Wardwell at the above address.

Sun Spots also had the pleasure of chatting with Wardwell’s father Adam, who noted that Brian sang at the Portland Civic Center on New Year’s Eve and is also scheduled to sing at a benefit in Ellsworth/Trenton area in March. Wardwell says his son also sang the national anthem at Fenway this summer. When not performing, Wardwell is heavily involved in basketball, baseball and soccer. He also just turned 12 in November and is a straight-A student. Adam admits that both Brian and his sister Alyssa (who was nominated by the Maine Country Music Association as being the most promising vocalist for her age group) get their love of country music from their dad!

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