AUBURN – A Jay man was being held without bail on Friday after he was accused of attacking two guards in an attempt to escape from the Androscoggin County Jail.

Robert Kostopolous, 21, was indicted this week on two counts of assaulting officers, attempted escape and criminal mischief. Those charges are stacked on top of a slew of others stemming from a knife fight at a Livermore Falls football game for which Kostopolous was originally being held.

According to an Androscoggin County grand jury indictment, Kostopolous attacked a female guard on duty at the jail the evening of Dec. 15. Police said the guard was struck several times with an object, thrown against a wall and placed in a choke hold.

Another jail guard who came to her aid was also attacked by Kostopolous, according to the indictment. Both guards were examined for their injuries, the first of them at a Lewiston hospital.

The indictment further charges that Kostopolous tried to escape by “assaulting a correctional officer, taking over the correctional officer’s work station and attempting to push control buttons in order to find a means to unlock the correctional facility doors.”

Kostopolous was ultimately subdued, and an investigation into the incident began. This week, the grand jury indicted him and Kostopolous was ordered held without bail.

Police in the area say Kostopolous is no stranger to violence. In October, he was one of two people charged with threatening a 15-year-old boy with a knife and bat during a football game between Jay and Livermore Falls.

In that case, police said Kostopolous had a baseball bat hidden in his clothing. They also said he fought with Livermore Falls police who tried to arrest him.

Kostopolous was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, and refusing to submit to arrest. An 18-year-old Jay man was also charged.

Shortly after arresting Kostopolous, police linked the bat to a recent break-in and he was charged with burglary, as well. He was being held in the Androscoggin County Jail in December on those charges when he allegedly attacked the guards and attempted to bolt from the jail.

In court records, Kostopolous lists addresses in Livermore, Jay and Rockland. It was believed he was most recently living in Jay.

The alleged attack on the guards came in the midst of budget squabbles between the jail and sheriff’s departments and the Androscoggin County Commission. A recent move to place more sheriff’s officials on the road was shot down this week by the three-member commission that also moved to slash the jail budget.