This is in response to the letter from Cara Gaumont (Jan 2). I agree with her opinion about the front-page articles about the six accident victims killed recently in Poland.

My 18-year-old stepson was killed 4 years ago in a car accident. Our families know the despair such a tragedy can bring. Others cannot understand unless it has happened to them. There is nothing anyone can say or do to make it better. You just go on and keep moving forward each day.

So, I thought the Sun Journal’s front-page reporting of the recent incident was very insensitive and cruel, and did not need to be front page news. Perhaps for the first day, because the victims were all area natives, but to put photographs on the front page of the crashed cars and of the grieving relatives, all I can say is shame on the Sun Journal.

How insensitive.

I saw the paper on those days, and I did not read any of the articles. My first reaction, when I saw the vehicle pictures was, why? Why would they put those vehicles on the front page when they were the coffins of their death? Don’t the Sun Journal’s editors realize how hurtful that has to be to the families?

I hope that, in the future, the editors will be more sensitive to others when it comes to a story of someone’s children, grandchildren, or brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews.

Jane Ryerson, Bethel