I wasn’t surprised on New Year’s Day to find that the front page of the Sun Journal was plastered with headlines filled with tragedy, but I was, as usual, disappointed.

I know that in news venues, stories of hardship, pain, dishonesty, loss, sex and death sell, but it would be nice to focus on something else when remembering 2006. What would be so wrong with looking back on those who have passed with reverence, while celebrating accomplishments and cherished times as well?

Although his picture was shown on the bottom half of the folded newspaper, I will credit the Sun Journal for including the picture of Olympic champion Seth Wescott after he won a gold medal in February. Too bad his win couldn’t compete with the “mystery beast” when it came to the placement of his picture, or being included in the large-print headline.

I don’t see the world through rose-colored glasses, and those who know me would probably not describe me as optimistic, but I do think that both the world and Maine have seen better things this past year.

It seems the news isn’t newsworthy unless it consists of young death, scandalous affairs or sensationalized chaos.

Thanks once again for giving us exactly what we expect from a trusted news source

Andrea Rodrigue, Lewiston