Lewiston Middle School is now in rehearsal for “The Last Gladiator,” a comedy in two acts. The play features Ryan Dubois, Jana MacIsaac, Brittany Martin, and Jake Dumas. This fun-filled romp is sure to keep you in stitches.

The emperor of Rome is away at war, and has said that if the Princess does not find a suitable match by the time he returns home, she will have to marry the last gladiator in the upcoming games. That’s the last thing she wants! Meanwhile Senator Altilis is scheming so he won’t have to go to war, and the Senators’ wives are planning how to raise money for the poor. Senator Altilis moves the Gladiator games up so the Princess “will be too busy planning her wedding to manage the affairs of the empire.” That way he will have to stay behind to help her. After all of this, a gang of robbers sneaks into the palace. Julia is there to rob, Minimus (his friend’s call him Mini) was dragged along by Gladius (his friends call him Gladis) who is there to see the Princess up close.

How do peasants get into the palace? They dress in maid’s uniforms. That means Gladius and Minimus now look like women. The Princess finds out about this right after she met Brudis, the massive gladiator who has a very short list of vocabulary and the favorite to win at the next games. Since all the other gladiators are gone, Brudis is the only one, so he is automatically the winner.Then the Princess informs Gladius and Minimus that they can escape with their lives if Gladius fights Brudis. There is no way Gladius can beat him, is there? Who will win? Will the Senators’ wives find the perfect item to sell at the gladiator games? And will Senator Altilis be sent to war?

The answer to these questions and more can be found on January 18 and 19, at 7 p.m. at Lewiston Middle School.