Cleverly disguised behind a cloak of fun and excitement, the PRHS Outdoor Club is a great source for healthy activity and provides a chance to supply students’ lungs with a little fresh air.

The club provides an opportunity for people of all skill levels to join together and have a great time with activities like mountain biking in the fall and spring, and cross-country skiing in the winter. Phil Brienza, a prominent student leader in the club says, “You can always go at your own pace.”

The settings for rides with the Outdoor Club so far have been places around Poland and the neighboring towns. A favorite is Mt. Apatite in Auburn. It is a five to ten mile ride with trails that are mostly wide and terrain that is rolling with some challenging climbs.

The Outdoor Club would like to ride in amazing places like Great Glen in New Hampshire and Sunday River in Bethel.

Proper equipment is of the utmost importance when taking part in outdoor activities. The Outdoor Club has acquired a supply of Gary Fisher mountain bikes and some cross-country skis to meet any equipment needs.

Sally Motycka, a faculty leader of the Outdoor Club and avid outdoorswoman herself, says, “We encourage participants to bring their own equipment if they would like to.”

After making the arrangements for the necessary equipment, all that is left is to show up and be ready for what student participant Evan Jones calls “an exhilarating experience.”

Mrs. Motycka encourages everyone to join. “We need some girls!” she says.

The Outdoor Club is always open to new members and continuously draws a reaction similar to Evan Jones’ when he joined the club: “It was exactly what I’d been looking for.”