For days, at the same time, I would rush out to the mailbox to see if I had finally heard back from a college or not. The more time that passed, the more I completely freaked out. What I didn’t know was that I would hear the news first in a different form of communication.

I opened up Firefox on my computer one afternoon, and, as always, I was automatically directed to my e-mail. There it was. An e-mail right there from the Assistant Dean of Admissions in my inbox. Who in the world would think that they send mails now? Shivers of both fear and anticipation ran down my spine. In one click, I would find out.

Accepted. This is what it looked like:


I’ll be the first to let you know that you have been accepted into Saint Joseph’s College!!! Congratulations!!! You should be receiving your letter within the next couple of days…

Wait. There’s more to that e-mail, and even I didn’t expect there to be.

and on that letter will be your Merit Scholarship Award.

Again Congratulations,

Assistant Dean of Admissions, Derek Rodgerson

I forgot about those scholarships, and I never knew they awarded them even if you didn’t apply for them separately. Turns out, as I found out a couple days later, that the amount I received in that scholarship was quite the fancy five digit number.

So, what now? I have now been accepted into St. Joseph’s College of Maine for the January of 2007 semester. Crazy. What it means is that I have less than a month left with EL. I’m not looking forward to leaving my friends and favorite teachers because even though I chose to leave early, it doesn’t mean that I won’t miss them. But what it also means is that I get to begin a new chapter of my life in college.

I declared myself a Biology major, which will allow me to be on the right track to go into the medical field, whether it be to be a pharmacist or not. Unfortunately though, and with great depression, St. Joe’s no longer offers a French program. I wanted to have language minor though, and I found the perfect one. I chose Classics, the study of Latin and Greek language and culture, as well as pieces of theology. Really, even though I am not able to take French as a minor which was my ultimate goal, Classics is still satisfying for me to settle with (thanks to three years of Latin with Magistra Theriault who made a huge difference in my view of education).

Concluding, for the next month I will take advantage of my time left at EL to thank and spend time with the amazing people who were in my life for three and a half great years. They know who they are.