Mike Koob (letter, Jan 8) writes of the state’s grave situation from the lack of snow. Maybe it will take more days of record warmth to finally open the eyes of disbelievers.

It couldn’t possibly be due to global warming – that’s a myth, according to some Exxon Mobil officials. If that’s true, why is Exxon Mobil investing money in agencies that are discrediting the belief that global warming could be taking place? If it’s not true, why would they bother?

It’s my moral responsibility to mention that Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth,” came across very well, and that every hard-working American should see it. Gore has scientific facts to back up his arguments about global warming.

It’s ironic that we had an environmentalist on one hand and a greedy oil baron on the other. I guess it’s more convenient for fossil fuel investors to disbelieve, or try to discredit the facts and continue to count their money, than listen and observe what’s going on in the world with the global weather changes.

Maybe one day, when America – which is the leading global contributor to pollution – decides that our planet and home is more important than the bottom dollar, Mother Nature may get back on track to normal weather patterns.

Until then, people might as well flip a coin to see if they need sunblock or winter coats this year. People need to get informed, then decide if America is going in the right direction.

Michael Skaggs, Greene