Dear Sun Spots, I would like to be able to contact Camera Service Center by e-mail/mail to find out and maybe get a copy of the receipt for my camera and warranty.

I received it for Christmas, I believe in 2004. My husband Tom Swengel would have paid cash.

It’s a wonderful Pentax IQZoom and he bought the extended 5-year warranty, which I guess I didn’t register. I have already paid for a repair, but it would be comforting to know it’s covered for another two years.

There would probably be a fee for this, as no one wants to dig through old receipts for free.

It’s too bad that this store closed. The personal help and service was appreciated, especially in this “big box” store age!

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. – Jana Swengel, No Town.

Several attempts to try to locate former owners Susan Mitchell and her brother Mike were unsuccessful. The store closed in July 2006 after 60 years in business, a difficult decision for the owners.

At that time they were liquidating their assets, selling off equipment and more, so Sun Spots is not sure that they would have retained your records. Perhaps others familiar with this store and owners might be able to find some resolution for you.

Another option might be to contact the Pentax Service Department, 12000 Zuni St., Suite 100B, Westminster, CO 80234. Hopefully, either options will work for you.

Dear Sun Spots: I have found the Sun Spots column to be a very helpful resource, and I am hoping it can help this time.

I saw about a month ago that there was an article in about Korn-Haus Keller closing and that the owner was going to be doing something to honor the gift certificates that were still in circulation. Is there any further information about this, or a contact number? – Marnie Morneault, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: Though you have posted different letters on Korn Haus Keller’s closing, I’ve not yet read anything on how those readers with gift certificates might be able to have them redeemed. I cannot call them as I do not have a phone number to reach them at. Perhaps more inquiries in the column will get the owners to honor these refunds. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Unfortunately, repeated attempts by Sun Spots and newsroom assistant Anna Rodrigue to try to reach former owner Fern Comeau at the restaurant’s old phone number have been unsuccessful.

There is also no answering machine at the location so Sun Spots and Rodrigue have been unable to leave any voice mail messages, in the hopes of a return call.

Perhaps there are other readers out there who are also seeking answers to this dilemma and have located them in this particular instance, and would be willing to share them with you. We’d love to hear from you.

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