There are several people writing letters to the editor who constantly complain about Democrats. They seem to think that Republicans are God’s gift to the country and state.

What do they have to brag about? Nixon had to resign; Reagan and the elder George Bush sold arms to Iran; and the current president stole two elections and is spending billions on a war that should not be going on. The Iraqis our forces are fighting could not care less for a human life – even their own. The fighting won’t stop unless our troops blow them off the face of the Earth.

Perhaps those letter writers can tell me how far back I’d have to go to find a Republican president who left office with a budget surplus. How much is this country in the red now? And the spending is not over for at least another two years.

Here are a few things to brag about: Bush was just chosen as the nation’s biggest villain, and in another poll in 2004 was named one of the biggest liars in the country.

Now he wants to open our mail.

Keep electing such people and we’ll all see how many more scandals we can read about.

Louis Godin, Lewiston