On Jan 25, at 6:30 p.m., the Byron Planning Board will have an informational meeting on a proposed campground ordinance. The ordinance is not a workable ordinance. It is very one-sided.

How can anyone expand a campground and, yet, make it invisible? The ordinance contains a provision that no campers, tents, fire rings, wood, outhouse or buildings would be allowed if seen from abutters’ properties.

We couldn’t even put up a fence. We don’t think that is fair.

All campsites would have to be more than 18,000 square feet; the state requires only 5,000 square feet. The proposed ordinance would require a bond to be posted, even though the expansion is on private land. It would require a licensed land surveyor and engineer to design the expansion.

I’d rather spend my money on shale for the road, to cut down on dust.

If this ordinance should pass without changes, it would put the Coos Canyon Campground out of business. It would be too bad to lose this great recreational area.

Roger and Judy Boucher, Byron

Editor’s note: The Bouchers own and operate the Coos Canyon Campground in Byron.