Dear Sun Spots: Could you please provide some information on Art Bell. He is the host of a radio talk show called “From Coast to Coast.” They have other hosts and many guest commentators. On a recent show, Bell spoke of a personal disaster in his life. Some called in to welcome him back from the Philippines. He broadcasts in Nevada and seems quite knowledgeable about extraterrestrial events and global warming. I would like any references on any books he has written. He seems interesting, to say the least. I do not have Internet access. Also, what is Bell’s education background? Married? Children?

Also, I hear a rumor that the Sun Journal is going to raise their rates. Is there any truth to this? How much? When? Thanks for all your good works. – Bryant T., Turner.

Answer: Regarding your first question, there is a lot of information out there on Art Bell, and as you note, he does appear interesting to say the least! Sun Spots checked several Web sites, including She has learned that Arthur “Art” W. Bell III (b. June 17, 1945) is an American broadcaster and author, known primarily as the founder and a longtime host of the paranormal-themed radio program “Coast to Coast AM.” He also created and at one time hosted its companion show, “Dreamland.”

On Jan. 21, his wife, Ramona, died unexpectedly. By the end of January, he began hinting that he was making a significant life decision, but that he would keep it a secret for at least one year, asking listeners to remind him in 2007 to let them in on it. By March, he was saying that he would soon be taking a “huge risk” and “do something rash.” On April 15, he ended the mystery and, to the mild surprise of listeners, revealed that, after several weeks of mourning, he had recently gone to the Philippines and married Airyn Ruiz. They met over the Internet. Ruiz Bell, a recent college graduate, was given Bell’s private e-mail address by a ham radio friend and offered her condolences shortly after Ramona’s death. After “dating” via Internet video conferencing for “hundreds of hours,” the two married one week after Bell arrived in the Philippines to actually meet her in person – exactly 13 weeks after his wife’s death. Bell also paid for his friend – who was courting Airyn’s sister – to accompany him to the Philippines and marry her. The two couples wed in a double marriage ceremony on April 8.

Bell later left his longtime homestead in Nevada and relocated to the Philippines, near Makati, Metro Manila, intending to continue hosting “Coast to Coast AM” weekend editions via an ISDN connection. He departed the United States on April 29, stating an intention to remain abroad for at least a year, while maintaining ownership of his property in Nevada and of the radio station KNYE. On Oct. 7, he announced that Ruiz was pregnant with the couple’s first child. If their child is born a girl, her name will be Asia, if their child is born a boy, his name will be George in honor of George Noory.

On Dec. 27, he returned to the United States with his wife (apparently after delays in immigration issues) and continued broadcasting on “Coast to Coast AM” the next day.

Bell is the author of two publications of “The Coming Global Superstorm,” one a mass market paperback, the other an e-book; “The Art of Talk and The Source: Journey Through the Unexplained” as well as “The Quickening: Today’s Trends, Tomorrow’s World.”

Regarding your second question, Sun Spots checked in with Circulation Director Mike Theriault, who says the suggested retail rate for the Sun Journal will not increase in 2007. In addition, the current home delivery subscription rates and suggested retail rates will remain the same for the 2007 year. Hopefully, this will help dispel those rumors.

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