Is it patriotic to support a war that apparently should have never been fought?

There never was a good reason to invade Iraq – no terrorism connection, or even support for the Taliban or al Qaida. Is it patriotic to have the Taliban over to the ranch in Crawford, Texas, for a business talk, while at about the same time, Iran was militarily throwing them out?

The future of our children (one of mine is in the Army) can be jeopardized by ignoring the Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan to pursue oil in Iraq and Iran.

That awful Saddam Hussein wasn’t so awful after Reagan, Bush, Rumsfield and Cheney helped him stay in power and supplied him with horrible weapons, despite Democrats’ protests about it during the Iran contra affair.

Is it patriotic to lie while swindling taxpayers, and particularly old and disabled people, with a horrible Medicaid plan that left John Baldacci and the state of Maine to take care of them?

Does Thomas F. Shields feel patriotic?

Shields should stop spouting nonsense, and look up “democracy” in the dictionary. Then, perhaps, he could start doing things that help our country, while paying attention to the facts.

But then, those are tactics used by Democrats.

Rudolph Ziehm, Sabattus