Carole Haas has hit the nail on the head in writing about the Redington Range wind tower proposal (Jan. 14). I would add that there is no decommissioning plan for the project. The 32-foot-wide roads that are needed to get the massive equipment up those mountains will be put back to 12-foot-wide roads when the construction is over. How are the turbines to be replaced or repaired after that? They won’t last forever. But if the LURC allows them, they will be there forever. When they are no longer running and rust, perhaps they will blend a little better.

Ask anyone for what Maine stands. I would say forests, ocean, lakes and mountains. Not manmade things with limited life spans. Will vacationers be saying, “Let’s go to Maine and check out the wind plant”?

I wonder if the people who support the plan know where Redington and Black Nubble are, or how pristine and beautiful they are?

Guess who will be monitoring the impact on wildlife and things that grow? It will be the wind plant people. Can they be trusted? This isn’t some environmental company here to save us. They are much too busy with their coal, gas and nuclear power generating plants. It’s all about money, only money.

I hope LURC will have the wisdom to deny the zoning change. It’s not about wind turbines. It is about keeping our mountains protected. That is the way Maine should be.

Terry Tesseo, Coplin Plantation