AUBURN – City recyclers should rely on curbside recycling since a city truck kept parked at Mid-Maine Waste Action Corp. has been pulled from service.

The 1992 GMC six compartment truck was kept at MMWAC to collect recyclable bottles, cans, paper, plastic and other materials.

“We kept it there for people that missed their curbside recycling during the week or didn’t get curbside service,” said Sid Hazelton, Auburn’s assistant public works director.

The truck made regular trips to the recycling facility at the landfill in Lewiston.

“But it was getting real old and its inspection sticker was due,” Hazelton said. “It would have cost a lot to keep it on the road.”

Hazelton said he does not know if the truck will be replaced.

“We’re in the process of looking into alternatives,” he said. “That kind of truck is not something you find just anywhere.”

It shouldn’t be a problem for Auburn residents, he said. The two remaining recycling trucks will continue curbside collections daily throughout the city. Every dwelling place, from single-family homes to apartment buildings, gets curbside recycling service now, he said.

“So we’re hoping people will rely on curbside service,” he said.