Rumford Hospital Auxiliary President Barbara Belanger signs a letter to a local civic organization, appealing for gifts to the hospital.

Hospital sends annual appeal letters to agencies

RUMFORD – Each year the Rumford Hospital Auxiliary takes the lead among local civic and fraternal organizations in supporting the Rumford Hospital Annual Appeal.

One of the ways the Auxiliary demonstrates its support is to ask other organizations to make gifts. Barbara Belanger, Auxiliary president, recently signed and sent letters asking for gifts for this year’s Annual Appeal.

“Many of these organizations supported the Auxiliary’s fair years ago,” said Belanger, “Now that the Auxiliary membership is too small to carry off the fair, we ask them to donate to the Annual Appeal.”

Last year, led by the Auxiliary’s $4,000 gift, the Andover Service Circle, the Eagles, the LeParesseux Club, Rumford Area Rotary, the Elks and the Rumford VFW Post contributed to the 2005-2006 appeal.

“Papillon Corp. was always very generous to the hospital, too,” said Belanger. “Now that they have disbanded, we will miss their very significant support.”

Organizations that have not received an Annual Appeal mailing, but would like to make a donation, can call Rumford Hospital community relations at 369-1143 for more information and a remittance envelope.

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