I will say this right off the bat, before really getting into this essay, and that is, that I am most likely the biggest hypocrite for writing it. Also, this is more of an essay where it is “Do as I say, not as I do.” This essay is about, well see for yourself in the coming words.

Have you ever heard someone say, “You know, I bet this actually means this…” and such phrases such as that. Or maybe you have heard someone say, “Well the leaves are composed of this and that….” and so forth and so on. The first example would be someone like me. I am always wondering what the answer is to so many things. I honestly rip apart things in my mind to try and figure them out, though I shouldn’t be doing that. See in my eyes it is ok to do it every now and then, but to do it all the time is just a waste of time. Also it can cause stress on your mind and self trying to fathom the impossible. It can also cause you to not accept the simple things in life. I have been called someone who analyzes everything in my life, and it is true, for the most part. I want everyone to learn from me as I am usually stressed more or less, or I don’t enjoy the simple things and they pass me by. Really it is no way to live life.

The other part I wish to talk about are the sciences and religions. I mean, sure those two things can serve as their own principles of good, but they can also do bad things. My point in stating them, though, is that sometimes they cause people to not enjoy things. For example with science, they always have to try and explain everything. The scientists will sit there and tell us why the leaves change color, instead of just letting us enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the colors around us. With the religious, some of them will sit there and tell you God created this and that, when really you are just wanting to enjoy what is around you. Personally, both sciences and religions bother me in that aspect.

Why can’t the scientists just let you enjoy the world around you, instead of telling you the components of everything. Such as this plant uses a process of photosynthesis. Photosynthe..what? Sure it is actually a very basic term, and easy to comprehend, but why on Earth does the average person need to know it? Or more so, I like how they use fifty huge terms to say and that is why water turns into ice. Did they really need to tell us all the sharing of electrons and whatnot goes along with it? Not really. We all know water freezes and turns into ice. I mean do we really need anymore?

Anyway, back to the religion aspect. People believe God’s grace allowed plants to happen, and then scientists are like, no, it is this and other things. Then people who are in the middle are basically saying, “Hey man, the plants are here, do we need to know why?” And in all reality we don’t need to know why? But the world does move on because of inquiry. Also, religious people will sit there and say God did all these things, and then someone will say, “Well why can’t it just be the good will of man that did some of these things.” For example when someone saves someone else, someone may say, “It was a miracle and an act of God that the person saved the other person”. Well, that could be a possibility, not that I think so or anything. Or simply it could be that some courageous person did it by their own merit and good will.

Allright, time for me to wrap this up.. To tie up some loose ends, my points in bringing up the Science and Religion aspects was to point out that they are groups that tend to think too much and not leave things to be simple. I mean, I could have gone on and on about both, but that would be a huge paper, and not one I wish to write. Of course I question so many things, which isn’t good. It is good to question, but to question as much as I do sometimes makes things way too serious. This does make me the hypocrite which I mentioned in the beginning that I was.

Basically take from this paper what you will. Maybe even try to have some good fun with it. This paper is actually only serious in some cases, but pretty light hearted in general. Just take it for what it is. My final message is, well, I need to take my own advice and maybe anyone like me should, too. Thank you for your time I’m Matt Ozdarski; tune in next time for whatever new idea springs up into my head next.