Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller plays a man who cannot manage to keep a job or an apartment and finds himself precariously on the edge of losing contact with his son. When he finally does get a job, it is as night watchman at the Museum of Natural History. He soon discovers that not everything is as it appears to be when all the items in the museum begin coming to life at night. It is mayhem and adventure as Stiller fights to gain control over the creatures during a “Night at the Museum.”


Anna Dean

“It was kind of cheesy, but it had its good moments. It was better than I expected.”

3.5 stars


Andrew Snowman

“You laugh more at the previews than at the movie.”

1 star


Erika Wilson

“It was flippin’ hilarious if I do say so myself.”

4 stars


Miss Pontbriand

“I liked the plot. They picked the right guy for the part. It shows somebody trying to do the right thing but in a fun way.”

4 stars

Overall Star Rating: 3.25

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