Jonathan Bernier’s ankle is hurt severely enough to keep him out of the lineup for the rest of the weekend, but Peter Delmas will give it a go, according to the Lewiston Maineiacs coaching staff.

“Bernier is out with an (injured) ankle, and it could be two to four weeks,” Maineiacs assistant coach Jeff Guay said in a phone interview Friday afternoon.

“We think it might be an upper-ankle sprain, but we’re not really sure yet.”

Head coach and GM Clem Jodoin also returned a phone call Friday, and he said that any official evaluation of Bernier’s condition will come after the team arrives back in Lewiston Sunday or Monday.

“It might be a ligament, it might be a bone, it might be something else, but right now we don’t know, and we’ll wait until we get back to get it taken care of,” Jodoin said.

Guay was unsure at the time of his interview whether Delmas would be good to go after he, too, injured himself in Thursday night’s loss to Halifax.

But Jodoin confirmed that Delmas will at least attempt to start the game Friday against Cape Breton.

“I talked with him today,” Jodoin said. “I talked with him about being focused. The Peter Delmas we saw in Halifax wasn’t the same goalie we’ve seen all year. I know he was playing at home, but he couldn’t stop a beach ball. I told him he’s only 16, to go out there and have fun.”

If Delmas is unable to go Friday, Marc-Andre Sauve arrived Friday afternoon and will be in uniform to take his place.

“I only saw him at lunch long enough to say, ‘Bonjour, comment ca va?’ to him,” Guay said. “He said, ‘Ca va bien,’ and that was it. He ate and went up to his room, but he seemed pretty focused on playing if we need him.”

In yet another twist to what has become an eventful trip already in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton officials contacted Jodoin and asked if he would mind the game Friday night being postponed due to the weather.

“We told them we wanted to play,” Guay said. “The visiting team is here, the visiting fans are here (on a fan bus), the officials called from Truro and were on their way and the place was sold out. Of course we wanted to play.”

Sydney was expected to get at least a foot of snow in a storm Friday night.

“We’re here, let’s play the game,” Jodoin said.

Injuries to Luc Bourdon and James Sheppard may also have had something to do with the Eagles’ request. Bourdon is out for tonight’s game, and Sheppard is questionable. The Screaming Eagles just finished a grueling road trip of their own, and could likely have used a day’s rest.

Faceoff for Friday’s game is at 6 p.m. Eastern time.

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