From the title to the finish, I was appalled by your coverage of Ed Brown (Jan. 20). He is a “tax protester” as much as that cop killer turned artist is a “political prisoner.”

You should have focused on the fact that he stole money out of our pockets. How many Sun Journal readers are out there that would be excited to pay income tax on $270,000 of income every year (assuming the $1.9 million he was found guilty of hiding was spread over seven years)?

He is a convicted felon who has stolen money from all law-abiding taxpayers. And now he is threatening to murder law enforcement officials enforcing the law we all live under!

He is far from being a political protester. (In case you are confused about what a political protestor is, go purchase biographies of Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and Cesar Chavez.)

Why would you pander to this crook?

Joe Shovlin, Greene