Regarding Robert Boothby’s letter, Jan 14, I think some things are a little mixed up. Livermore hasn’t failed any of its citizens. Boothby says that the noise from the Barnyard Park twice a month has “a terrible effect on the peace, quiet and property values.”

The key word being “property values.”

Boothby failed to mention in his letter that he’s a real estate agent. I don’t think he cares about the peace and quiet in our small community.

He also states, “The track is a financial benefit only to Mr. [David] Lovewell,” the park’s owner.

I disagree. People come to the events from all over; they eat at our local stores, fuel up at our local gas stations and even stay at our local motel. It also lets people from out of state see the beautiful farmland we’ve had for centuries, and still have today. If that isn’t a benefit to Livermore, I don’t know what is.

The “rural flavor” Boothby talks about is not ruined by the Barnyard Park; I believe it has enhanced it.

If the few people who are opposed to the Barnyard Park would actually come out to an event and see what it’s all about (before making judgments), and see the number of families enjoying an afternoon together.

I think they, too, might enjoy a little “Mud Run” fun.

Melissa Benson, Jay

Editor’s Note: Robert Boothby’s letter regarded town approval of the Barnyard All-Terrain Park in Livermore.