Has anyone noticed the similarity of events surrounding the Iraq war and Vietnam? The news media only chooses to quote those who oppose the war in Iraq, give air time to protestors and Bush haters. All while claiming to support our troops. An impossible conclusion. You can’t be against the war and still support the troops.

No one likes war; we all wish our troops could come home tomorrow. But do we want them to come home defeated? Can the United States ever hold its head up if we give in to the defeatists in this country, the cut-and-run Democrats? Like we did in Somalia?

Do we leave the Iraqi people undefended and allow Iran and Syria to take over? If we leave Iraq with our tail between our legs like Rep. John Murtha, Sen. Edward Kennedy, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the liberals in Washington want, the terrorists will soon follow our troops home and strike us here.

The Democrats seem to be in control now, thanks to the lack of initiative, and the weak responses Republicans showed in the last six years.

Is America to become a weak ineffective country with no backbone, ruled by defeatism? I have a few words for all Americans to look up in the dictionary: treason, traitor, and sedition.

Mary Jane Newell, South Paris