With new elections in 2006, it appeared as if things were finally going to change in Augusta. However, now that the dust has cleared, so also has it become clear that the majority Democrats are squandering an election victory with broken promises and business as usual at the State House.

In only the first few days, Joint Rule 219, which was offered by Question 1 opponents as an alternative to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, was usurped in favor of government spending without the restrictions necessary to save our state. The proposal would have required a two-thirds vote of the state Legislature to spend beyond the restrictions of LD 1, a series of restrictions put in place by Gov. Baldacci two years ago, which is dubious in and of itself.

Joint Rule 219 was first stalled, and then voted down by House Democrats along party lines.

Our Legislature is now vested with the power to continue increased spending without any controls or checks and balances.

With the state already heavily in debt and our property taxes out of control, what can the taxpayers expect next? We certainly can’t expect those in power to keep their promises, many of which have already been broken.

I can only wonder if the Democrats stopped listening to their constituents on the night of Nov. 7, 2006.

Nathaniel Walton, Lewiston

Editor’s Note: The writer is chairman of the Maine College Republicans .

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