Word of the week: “ceraunograph” (pronounced sa-RAW-no-graf). It is a meteorological instrument used to measure the occurrence of thunder and lightning. It is derived from the Greek word for “thunder.”

n Glenn Feldman of San Ramon, Calif., asks about U.S. cities that include state names, besides the California City, Calif., and Jersey City, N.J., he mentioned. There are many, but our favorites are cities with “other state” names, like Michigan City, Ind., Missouri City, Texas and Nevada City, Calif.

Who is credited with saying, “The best minds are not in government. If they were, business would hire them away”?

A) Napoleon

B) Oprah Winfrey

C) Warren Buffett

D) Ronald Reagan

Friday’s answer: “The Queen of Crime” was the nickname of mystery author Dame Agatha Christie.

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