In early January, the Sun Journal featured an article about the exciting new preschool opportunity being offered through the Auburn School Department. (Jan. 6) The article highlighted the positive results that have come out of that program, which has filled a real need in the community and represents a large step forward in helping the youngest of Auburn’s citizens.

But the article failed to mention that the program would have not come to fruition without the collaboration of three local agencies: the Auburn School Department, Child Development Services-Androscoggin County, and Head Start.

This may be the first time that a local agency, such as CDS-AC, has funded a school project. That is the type of cooperation that taxpayers are seeking, and this aspect of the project should have been given significant attention.

The agencies involved depend on the newspaper to inform the public so that similar forms of cooperation can be developed with other area communities. CDS-AC is under a great deal of pressure to cut its expenses, and the Sun Journal’s lack of support could hurt future projects.

The community deserves a higher quality of journalism that it received in this case. If we are able to move forward with other local communities who ask for this same type of support, we would hope the Sun Journal would play its part with greater consideration for the welfare of the broader community.

Alfreda Fournier, director of CDS-AC, Lewiston

Marnie S. Bragdon-Moreault, CDS-AC governing board chair, and other members of the CDS-AC governing board

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