I support Central Maine Medical Center’s and St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center’s decision to stop paying Somalian translators who are uncertified. It sounds like both hospitals are being more than reasonable and accommodating to Somalian people by having paid translators on their staff.

I also think the hospitals make a good point. If a Somalian person doesn’t want to take the course to become certified, they should still be willing to help their fellow Somalis with translating. In many cases, the Somalis who have come to Maine have been in the United States for years. They also have children attending Maine schools who can speak Somalian and English. If being unable to speak English is becoming a problem for Somalis, maybe they should learn the language.

I would also like to say, shame on the media for making the comparison that what the Somalis experienced in their country is somehow similar to what they are experiencing in Maine.

Robert Clark, Auburn

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