This is in response to the governor’s plan to consolidate school districts and cut the expensive administrative positions. Writing as a parent of two children, who attended both Auburn and Lewiston schools, I can honestly say I never had to speak to the superintendent in Auburn and only once in Lewiston. All our needs were met by the building principals, except once over a period of 11 years.

Also, as the former Parent-Teacher Organization president and treasurer in Auburn, I can attest to the fact school budgets don’t always put the needs of students first.

We frequently paid for items, such as classroom materials from paper to computers. Also, I have learned from my children that there have been several instances when there were not enough books in a classroom or their teachers have paid for classroom materials with their own money.

I don’t know actual amounts, but I assume superintendents make more than teachers. There has to be a solution, not only for tax purposes but so all elementary schools can buy paper to last the whole year. We need forward-thinking politicians to make us a forward-thinking state. We owe our children that, and an education besides.

Lois Theriault, Sumner

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