I think the state’s plan to reduce the number of school districts is a step in the right direction. It’s no surprise those whose jobs would be eliminated are upset and speaking out.

What’s sad is that more taxpayers didn’t attend the meeting in Lewiston (Jan. 24) and speak up.

There are times in the real world that companies cut jobs or give outrageous bonuses to one individual instead of spreading the wealth, but for those workers its “Que Sera, Sera.”

The minute anyone starts talking about cutting government spending in any way the affected group freaks out.

Try talking about cutting anywhere; cops, firemen, city workers, social services, unemployment or even legislators and we’ll hear how we’re sure to suffer for it. Talk about cutting pay or benefits and these same people are ready to walk.

How about the U.S. Congress, whose members earn an average $180,000 per year and worked 100 days last year? About $1,800 a day is not a bad take. It’s no myth government workers have it better than most citizens they serve. I’d support a cut in the number of Maine legislators too, but I’d be surprised if any of it ever happens.

Cutting government costs, positions or spending is like digging out a tick that has a good head start. At every level the average taxpayer cannot win.

Michael Johnson, Windham

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