In 2003, the Bush Administration determined that there were weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq and that they needed to be destroyed. Despite the fact that many searches led by the Untied Nations turned up no WMDs, Bush decided to move in on Iraq anyway.

Many people think it was a bad decision. Now the U.S. has to figure out when and how to pull out of Iraq.

Some say it must be done right now and all at once, while others say that an immediate pull out will result in Iraq descending into civil war.

Kristy Gray, a sophomore at Poland Regional High School, says, “We shouldn’t pull out right away because we would just undo what we worked so hard for.”

An immediate pullout might cause the insurgents to rise again, but it has become increasingly unclear about when the job will be done.

Some believe the answer is pulling out troops slowly, over time. That way we get the best of both worlds: a presence in Iraq and less American bloodshed.

Some believe that we should not be there in the first place. Josiah Coyle, a sophomore at PRHS, says, “We shouldn’t even be in Iraq, but now that we are, we have to be careful about what our next move is.”

Since the U.S. invaded Iraq, more than 3,000 Americans have lost their lives. That number is nowhere near the number of Iraqis that have died.

With the recent execution of Saddam Hussein, many people who once believed there would be no benefit of a war in Iraq are now seeing the results and changing their minds about pulling out.

Even though the current debate is how to pull out, there is a group of Republicans that believes that the best way to go is to add more troops. This angers other conservatives who disagree. Many of them are trying to change Bush’s mind, but it appears he will have it his way and the war will forge on. So will the controversy.

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