Recently I read with interest the story of Cathy Crowley and her movie, “There Ought to be a Law,” in reference that Maine law should be changed so 18-year-olds cannot purchase shotguns. While I understand her motive, one must look at the bigger picture.

In this county, 18-year-olds are considered adults. They can vote for their choice of leaders of the most powerful country in the world, and they can serve in the armed services and protect us from harm.

While serving in the military, 18-year-old adults carry and use all kinds of firearms and weapons much more dangerous than shotguns. If the legislators of Maine decide that 18 is not old enough to purchase shotguns in this state because of maturity levels, should we also consider revoking their voting privileges and raising the age of military service to 21?

Crowley certainly has a very good reason for raising her question, but I dare say that the lion’s share of others supporting that type of legislation are simply out to ban guns and revoke citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Mark Cushman, Poland

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