As a resident of Maine, I feel that the Maine Legislature needs to pass a bill to limit the age of elderly drivers. Elderly persons should be required to take a Maine driver’s test after they reach 75 years of age.

A lot of the elderly are not capable of driving a motor vehicle without jeopardizing their life and the lives of others. I’m not saying that all elderly people are bad drivers, but they really do need to be tested more often.

They need to have their hearing checked, their eyesight checked, as well as their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and share the Maine roads with others.

If the state passed a law for drivers to be tested every two years after a person reaches 75 years of age, it would be a benefit for all Maine drivers.

I hope Maine lawmakers will act on the issue and require the elderly to take drivers’ tests, the same as new drivers must take, and again every two years. That would be sufficient.

Bruce Wotton, Lewiston

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