There are enough idiot comics without adding two more and taking away one of the best: Mark Trail. At least Mark Trail made sense; that’s more than I can say about some of the others.

Spider-man isn’t too bad, and I know kids looked forward to it. So, what happened? I guess the people that support the newspaper don’t count for much. The news leaves much to be desired. People that don’t have computers don’t get half the news, the same with television.

This is not fair, as there are many of us who do not choose to have computers. Do you want to sell newspapers or would you rather support the computer manufacturers? I believe computers are a danger to our society and country. Nothing is safe or private anymore. They endanger the eyes and health of our young people. Obesity is caused mostly by poor eating habits, and computers. Why doesn’t the Sun Journal become one of the first to start turning things around and making our towns, cities, states and country a better and safer place to live?

Think about it.

Marion Morey, Norway

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