The city of Modesto, Calif., was supposed to be named for financier William Ralston, but he declined the honor. A Hispanic railroad worker at the 1870 naming ceremony called Ralston “muy modesto” (very modest), which is how the city got its name.

n The first person to portray Randle Patrick McMurphy in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was Kirk Douglas, not Jack Nicholson. Douglas originated the role in the 1963 Broadway version of the Ken Kesey novel.

The 1967 film “To Sir, With Love” stars Sidney Poitier as an idealistic London high-school teacher. The film was directed by a man better known today for his best-selling novels, including:


B) “Jurassic Park”

C) “The Shining”

D)“The Firm”

Tuesday’s answer: There are a maximum of three Friday the 13ths possible in any calendar year.

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