Small-town celebrity birthplace of the week: Kingsland, Ark. (current population about 500). Country music legend Johnny Cash was born there in 1932.

n Who’s the Bob in “bobcat”? Nobody, actually. The “bob” is short for “bobtail,” because of the feline’s short tail. But let us not forget comedian Bob Goldthwait, who added “cat” to his first name to become “Bobcat.”

If you use things called “arresting wires” in your job, where are you most likely working?

A) In an auto-assembly plant

B) In a television studio

C) In a police station

D) On an aircraft carrier

Wednesday’s answer: The 1967 Sidney Poitier film “To Sir, With Love” was directed by James Clavell, better known today for his best-selling novels such as “Shogun” and “Noble House.”

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