This is in response to a letter from Bruce Wotton, printed Feb. 9, who suggested elderly drivers are a road hazard. Wotton was just blowing smoke. He has no facts.

In November, after the term “Retire the keys” was invented, I started keeping a log of accidents and arrests (not the drivers’ names) that local newspapers have printed.

I have logged just one driver over 60 years of age, and his accident would not have happened if the icy hill he was driving up had been treated. With no traction, he slid down the hill backward and off the road.

In November and December, there were 17 arrests for operating under the influence in the age group from 21 to 30, and eight who were under 21. Where did that young group get their drinks?

There were 76 arrests and accidents; only one accident for a person over 65.

There were eight persons killed, all under 30 years old.

In January, there were two OUI arrests in the under 21 group and two who were 21 years of age. Three persons were killed, and there were 12 accidents. In February, so far there have been five accidents, all young people; six OUI arrests, all under 61 years of age. Also, two more young people are dead.

The younger drivers are the road hazard, not the old folks.

Marshall Longway, Dixfield

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