LEWISTON – The following births have been recorded at Central Maine Medical Center.

Aiden Douglas Belanger, a boy to Marc and Jessica Belanger of Lewiston, Dec. 31. Grandparents, Maurice and Claire Belanger of Lewiston, Deborah Hilliard of Minot, the late Douglas Randall; great-grandparents, Ferne Cyr of Lewiston, Lorraine Belanger of Lewiston, Howard and Joan Randall of Aiden, N.Y.; great-great-grandparent, Blanche Cyr of Waterville.

Hailey Jeanne Turcotte, a girl to Steve and Heather Turcotte of Lewiston, Jan. 20. Grandparents, Ross and Paula Morin of Auburn, Marc and Rachel Turcotte of Auburn; great-grandparents, Jeanne Turcotte of Auburn, Patricia Baril of Turner, Terry Morin of Lewiston.

Kila Rose Lunt, a girl to Tammy J. Lunt of Lewiston, Jan. 20. Sibling, Calob; grandparents, Ted Trejeian of Lewiston, Brenda Trejeian of Lewiston, Jo Mcumara of Lewiston; great-grandparent, Blanch Trejeian.

Xavior Stephen Bray, a boy to Christa Gray of Lewiston, Jan. 20. Siblings, Mykael, Dakota-Lee; grandparent, Cheryl Gray of Lewiston; great-grandparent, Bertha Gray of Mechanic Falls.

Alyssa Lynn Pinkham, a girl to Roberta Pinkham of Lewiston, Jan. 22. Sibling, TJ Michael; grandparents, Diane Carter of Poland, Maynard Carter of Poland, Brenda and Ted Terjelian of Lewiston, Larry and Jewel Pinkham of Phillips.

Jayden Elizabeth Hood, a girl to Kelly and Chad Hood of Livermore, Jan. 22. Sibling, Bradley; grandparents, Nancy and Richard Lagueux of Auburn, Paul and Maureen Janke of Chapmansboro, Tenn., Jackie and Dana Hood of North Turner; great-grandparents, Rita Hood of Auburn, Jenny and Lindon Bartlett of Hanover.

Kai Marie Trenoweth, a girl to Travis and Cyndi Trenoweth of Buckfield, Jan. 22. Grandparents, John and Deborah Trenoweth of Buckfield, Gloria Polland of Lisbon, David Polland of Sound Beach, N.Y.; great-grandparents, Lillian Deatrich of Hartland, Jody Trenoweth of Sumner, Jim and Barbara Knox of Buckfield.

Ameliya Michelle Doustout, a girl to Katelyn Lauze and Roddy Doustout of Lewiston, Jan. 22. Grandparents, Marcel and Cindy Lauze of Lewiston, Patricia Doustout of Lewiston.

Jack Wesley Gilpatric, a boy to Danny and Candi Gilpatric of West Minot, Jan. 23. Sibling, Riley; grandparents, Hester and David Gilpatric of Minot, Connie Benwitz of Newark, N.Y.

Hayden Daniel Brown, a boy to Joey Brown and Ashley Sirois of Auburn, Jan. 24. Grandparents, Robby and Sandy Brown of Auburn, Mark Sirois of Auburn.

Amelia Constance Hill, a girl to Sarah and Kenneth Hill of Buckfield, Jan. 25. Grandparents, John and Pamela Davis of Livermore Falls, Wallace and Blanche Hill of Leeds, the late Constance Hill of Monmouth; great-grandparents, Emile and Jeanette Henry of Jay.

Athena Lynn-Marie Bean, a girl to Amber Liberty and Peter Bean Jr. of Lewiston, Jan. 24. Grandparents, Deanna Bean and Matt Knowlton of Lewiston, Vicky and Brad Liberty of New Gloucester; great-grandparents, Ellie and Rocky Thurlow of New Gloucester, Sharon Sibley of Winterport, Agatha Merrill of Norway; great-great-grandparents, Berta Olsen and Elmer Bean of Bethel.

Aiden Andrew Gammon, a boy to Diane Downs and Shawn Gammon of Sumner, Jan. 24. Siblings, Taylor, Monica, Rebecca, Shelby, Roger; grandparents, Dale and Julie Gammon of Sumner, Billie G Brough of Norway, Phyllis G. Brough of Mechanic Falls.

Luke Aaron Foss, a boy to Laurie Foss of Lisbon, Jan. 26. Siblings, Shellby, Marian, Miranda; grandparent, Charlene Foss.

Caylan William-Stevens Luce, a boy to Jamie Thomas and Jamie Luce of Lewiston, Jan. 27. Siblings, Bryce, Tyler; grandparents, William and Deborah Luce of Sabattus.

Rachel Rene Bell, a girl to Justin Mark Bell and Allison Sylvia Parker of Lewiston, Jan. 27. Siblings, Alexis, Jaydah; grandparents, Rena Adams and Colin Parker of Bangor, Shari Bell of Lubec, Joseph Moores of Lubec; great-grandparents, Cindy and Barry Cox of Lubec, Gwen and John Locke of Massachusetts, Millie and Vernon Parker of Campobello, NB, Canada; Great-great-grandparent, Sylvia Caven of Rockland.

Ayden James Langill Fisher, a boy to Michele Langill and Brad Fisher of Lisbon, Jan. 30. Siblings, Tori, Chloe, Savannah, Matthew; grandparents, Barbara Ratliff of Zepherhills, Fla., James Langill of Westbrook.

Cameron Michael Landry, a boy to Chad Landry and Deidre Griffin of Lisbon, Feb. 1.; grandparents, Gary and Debbie Landry of Lewiston, Dave and Leah Griffin of Greene; great-grandparents, Henry and Pauline Gagnon of Lewiston, Theresa Landry of Lewiston, Robert and Sue Tymoczko of Lewiston, Ceale and Walter Goulding of New Gloucester; great-great-grandparents, Yvonne Tymoczko and Eloise Kinsler of Bucksport.

Collin Roberge, a boy to Scott and Kerri Roberge of Jay, Feb. 1. Grandparents, Bill and Peggy Malley of Rumford, Ray and Pauline Roberge Lewiston; great-grandparents, Hellen Malley of Mexico, Josephe and Alica Bisson of Topsham.

Anja Kantola Machado, a girl to Tyson and Victoria Machado of Lewiston, Feb. 1. Sibling, Mei Lee; grandparents, Stanley and Charlotte Herrick of Portland, Wayne and Diane Machado of Lebannon; great-grandparents, Frank and Marion Overlock of Waldoboro, Millie Machado of Sanford.

Owen Nicholas Robitaille, a boy to Nicholas and Christina Robitaille of Lewiston, Feb. 4. Sibling, Caleb; grandparents, Bert and Diane Robitaille of Lisbon, Feb. 4.; great-grandparent, Henry Jalbert of Lisbon.

Cariaha Jade Rollins, a girl to Joey and Darlene Rollins of Livermore, Feb. 2. Siblings, Caleb James, Caitlyn Jo, Colby Joseph; grandparents, Don and Elaine Pulsifer of Turner, Peggy Rollins of Sabattus, the late Peter Rollins of Turner; great-grandparent, Kay Berthaume of Lewiston.

Richard Timothy Dieterich, a boy to Cella and Matt Dieterich of Paris, Feb. 5. Siblings, Will, Cecelia, Elizabeth; grandparents, Richard Fleming of Medford, Mass., Timothy Dieterich of Whitefield, N.H., Haleen Dieterich of Whitefield, N.H.

Royce Joseph Crosby, a boy to James and Stephanie Crosby of Wales, Feb. 8. Siblings, Meagan, Riley; grandparents, Joseph and Anita Lemay of Orlando, Fla., Dennis and Young Parise of Rumford, Ranay Crosby and Caroline Philbrick of Mexico; great-grandparents, George and Jennie Wing of Peru, Dorothy Crosby of Mexico.

Brooks Michael Fraser Thurber, a boy to Corey L. and Bonnie E. Thurber of Sabattus, Feb. 9. Sibling, Brynn Taylor Marie; grandparents, Roland and Evelyn Fraser of Freeport, Julie and Michael Mack of Freeport, Kevin and Norma Thurber; great-grandparents, Chester and Arlene Merrill of Durham.

Jocelynn D Iannotti, a girl to Daniel and Jennifer Iannotti of Lewiston, Feb. 9. Siblings, Bailey, Amber, Crissy Mae; grandparents, Dave and Diane Iannotti of Greene, Rod and Jeanine Parker of Sabattus; great-grandparents, Joanne and Fred Cooper of Buckfield, Mary McLean of Pittsfield.

Christopher John Dunn Jr., a boy to Christopher J. and Stephanie L. Dunn of Hartford, Feb. 10. Siblings, Alex, Faith; grandparents, John W. Hunnewell of Turner, Sylvia A. Hunnewell of Turner, Carol A. Dunn of Greene, John and Kathie Dunn of Buckfield; great-grandparents, Martha Dunn of Sumner, Clifton and Laurel Lee of Buckfield.

Emma Reese Culleton, a girl to Shawn and Lianna Culleton of Minot, Feb. 11. Grandparents, Nancy and Leo Ouelette of Auburn, Regina and Michael Culleton of Turner; great-grandparents, Roger and Irene Culleton of Auburn.

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