AUBURN – Good Shepherd Food-Bank recently partnered with Solut!ons – Advanced Micro System’s ink and toner recycling program to raise more dollars for more food.

The project turns used cartridges into dollars to help the organization. No drop-off is needed. “That’s a nice part of this program,” said JoAn Chartier, public relations manager for the food bank, “They’ll pick up the boxes of used cartridges right at our facility.”

The food bank has been in the recycling business for 25 years, rescuing food from dumpsters, adopting the philosophy of “Waste-Not, Want-Not.”

Chartier said, “We are careful to make the best use of everything. Even food that is rejected in our inspection process is donated to pig farmers all over Maine.”

She said, “It only makes sense for us to also look at ways to better re-use office supplies. The ink and toner project will actually help raise dollars, which we turn into food. Every dollar raised enables us to provide more than $12.50 in value of food.”

Chartier encourages companies and businesses to consider donating their ink and toner cartridges to benefit the food bank. “There are many creative ways to help and every little bit counts,” said Chartier.

Those who would like to help or who want more information should contact Advanced Micro Systems at 784-4766 or e-mail Anita Landry at [email protected]

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