What’s the “rein” doing in “reindeer”? No, they’ve never been saddled up, as far as we know. The “rein” is derived from the Old Norse word for the animal, “hreinn.”

n There are two “degrees of separation” between Errol Flynn and Peter Lorre. Flynn was in “The Lady From Shanghai” with Everett Sloane, who was in “The Patsy” with Lorre. Why make the connection? Because “Errol” is “Lorre” spelled backward.

What was unusual about the honorary Academy Award presented to ventriloquist Edgar Bergen in 1938?

A) It was in the shape of a radio

B) It was made of wood

C) The figurine wore a monocle and top hat

D) It was one-third normal size

Answer Monday.

Thursday’s answer: In 1939, King George VI became the first reigning British monarch to visit the United States. His itinerary included a stop at the New York World’s Fair.

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