I have seen so many smiling images of gay men or women embracing for the cameras, that I am fully convinced the Sun Journal is among a vast conspiracy that wishes to undermine traditional ideas of family and marriage.

This is called secularization defined: removing all religious influence and character from society. It is interesting the Sun Journal also saw fit to release a pro-gay column by Leonard Pitts on perhaps the holiest of Christian days, Ash Wednesday. (Feb. 21)

My theory on the Tim Hardaway story: The Miami Herald’s Pitts and Dan LeBatard decided to trip up Hardaway. They asked “Tim, what do you think of the ‘coming out’ of bench NBA warmer John Amaechi?”

Pitts describes Hardaway as a decent but brainless guy. It might have been reasonable for Pitts to conclude that what Mr. Hardaway was saying “Gay lifestyles are not good for America. They are both unwholesome, unhealthly and are indeed a disorder.”

But Tim Hardaway got crucified by the press.

For a minority group, the gay movement really has clout. They intimidated the American Psychological Association to declassify this childhood developmental disorder. The newspaper should stop the affirmation of this unhealthly lifestyle and use its position to urge medicine and government to study the childhood causes of this illness.

It is not good for America.

Elaine B. Graham, Farmington

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