This is in response to an article (Feb. 20) about a Black History Month celebration offered by the Jesus Party.

The event included learning about Harriet Tubman, a courageous, determined African-American woman who spoke the truth about the effects of slavery and oppression for all people.

Learning about black heritage is important, and we support that part of the the event by the Jesus Party. However, the use of M&Ms, Oreo cookies and chocolate milk being served as symbols of racial unity is, in our opinion, not a way to teach or support learning about racial unity. We believe this approach reinforces unhealthy stereotypes and would hinder, rather than encourage, learning about our differences and commonalities.

One way of thinking about racial unity would be to weave the threads of diversity and differences into a respective and meaningful understanding of wholeness.

The meaning of Harriet Tubman’s life and words, as well as how we as a community learn about and from each other, deserves a more thoughtful approach.

Eileen Fair, Lewiston

Maura Melley,

Tenants Harbor

Arlene Jurewicz Leighton,


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